Summer Holiday Makeup Edit

Sarah Dalziel
7 min readJan 18, 2021

Got no time to pack? this is the break down of the best make up to take for a quick summer getaway.

I sat down with four girlfriends on a recent weekend trip to Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Over a few wines we unpacked our makeup bags and quizzed each other about our beauty essentials.

The below is the make up bag we have put together because it ticks the boxes for all our beauty needs.

Eleven shampoo and conditioner ( travel size). Free from all the nasties and regular conditioner can double as leave in conditioner. The Eleven miracle treatment will save your hair and stop colour from fading.

The Ordinary skin care range is anything but ordinary! Active skin care at a budget friendly price. Try the squalane cleanser and rose hip seed oil

Mecca to Save face sunscreen , Nars concealer is long wearing without creasing and blends seamlessly without fault. The right shade corrects dark circles and pigmentation with one little application. Model Co tubing mascara is a long-wearing, water-resistant formula but it removes effortlessly with warm water. Finish off with MAC lipstick: colour see sheer, texture lustre. This doubles as blush by putting a small stripe on the apples of your checks then tap in towards the top of your cheek bones.


Anne, Sarah, Amanda, Emma….(Inset: Bec arriving via boat at time of photo)

We had a mix of ages and lifestyles which made for interesting discussion when it came to touting what we thought was essential. Anne engineer 38, Sarah marketing 39, Amanda make up artist 40, Emma teacher 42 and Bec assistant 31. View the unpacking of our makeup bags or skip to down to view each persons beauty bag and the Q&A.

live video of unpacking makeup bags…..sped up of course


Anne: So for two days why that many ear cleaners?
A: They were already pre packed so I didn’t have to fuss around with them. It’s good for if I do it an eye shadow look and I need to clean up a bit underneath the eyes. It’s good to have them on hand. Not for cleaning ears.

B: I’ve heard a bit about the ordinary. What would you say about that brand?A: I think it’s great, a really affordable range. It’s science based skincare so you’re getting your active ingredients at a very affordable price.

S: If you could only take three things out of that what would they be?…we’re talking about 48 hours! You don’t have to include toothpaste and deodorant.

The Essentials?

  1. Mecca sunblock
  2. Nars concealer
  3. Mac Lipstick that’s in my handbag. I can also use it for blusher to give a nice, healthy glow to my skin.


S: Deodorant, toothbrush and I purposefully packed toothpaste that was a bit run out because it takes up less space. Leave in conditioner for the ends. I love this moisturiser because it’s also sunblock and is four hours water resistant. Sukin face wash, I only bought this because the packaging was tiny. Batiste dry shampoo, the HourGlass contour kit, A comb I love this because it works if my hair is wet or dry and it doesn’t take up much room, ModelCo tubular mascara, razor and I’ve got a lipstick, concealer and an eyeshadow. I also bought a random selection of some clips and hair ties in case Amanda was going to do something to my hair. And that’s my two day survival kit. This is pretty much what I keep in the caravan.

The Essentials?

  1. Dry shampoo
  2. Leave in conditioner.

It would be hard to not have that stuff because my hair just looks terrible and I’m just not going to wash it and dry it on holiday. my ends get so dry. It’s hard not to have some make up though!

Anne: so for leave in conditioner regular hair conditioner is perfectly fine. So if you had a shampoo and conditioner, you can actually just use that is a leave in. so I’m put that as an essential anyway. ….I love that the fact for 2 days away you bough a razor
S: Yeah man…. you never know.


Anne: I’ve got my toothbrush which is in two pieces
S: you bought an electric toothbrush with you?
Anne: yep. I have bad teeth.

Anne: I’ve got my full massive hairbrush and toothpaste. My Vichy that’s very expensive here but cheap in Europe. I’ve got my volumising shampoo and conditioner that’s essential. Got my paw paw you never know when you’re gonna need that. leave-in conditioner. and you know what I’ve got? Cos I’m going away with the ladies and thought I might have time…. is my heel scrubber, I’ve got very bad cracked heels. I’ve got my rosehip oil and my body wash. So I don’t have any makeup. I have loads of other stuff, skin care.

S: What’s this Vichy?
Anne: So this is really good for acne prone adult skin, it’s absolutely magic. That stuff stops me getting any spots, I found it in Singapore when I was traveling and went back to the UK, it was like really cheap in the UK. Now I get my sister to post out because I’ve tried buying it here and it’s $45 for one of these things! The breast pad goes with the toner they are brilliant for anything but they’re really good for toners. So I cleanse, tone and then when dry use a bit of rosehip oil. I don’t use any moisturiser I just use that.

The Essentials?

1. Vichy cleanser

2. Vichy toner

3. Eleven miracle hair treatment

B: you’ve got some of the same brands such as Eleven. How did you stumble across that brand?
Anne: Oh, this stuff is an ozzie brand the miracle hair treatment has got UV protection for your hair. It’s got everything in it. I’m in the ocean every day or every other day and when I’m not in the ocean, I’m in the swimming pool so and that stuff basically stops my hair falling out. The deep clean shampoo and conditioner was a complete treat. I don’t normally use that but because that’s travel size I bought it.


Okay, here we go. This bag was gifted to me be by my Mum in Ireland. So thank you Mum. I have got an eye cream, which I use as a moisturiser because it’s small packaging. Maybelline great lash mascara. I do love Rimmel contouring it gives you a bit of something. This lipstick I really love the colour it’s Maybelline Almond Rose and a lip gloss I even put on top of the lipstick. Zara perfume it’s roll on so I don’t have a big perfume bottle. Hair brush, good old reliable Aldi toothpaste and toothbrush, facial wipes and I’ve got some Aldi Panadol. That’s it!

S: I used to use Maybelline mascara a long, long time ago. Yeah, that was all the rage all the time.
E: It’s pretty cheap but a lot of people have said it is the one. I’ve tried others and they clump and they make my eyes water so I keep going back to this one.

S: you’re quite compact
E: I’ve learned over time. We go boating and you’ve usually got a very short time to pack. I throw a few things into a bag and I find half the stuff I bring I don’t use so now I’m getting more minimalist.
B: Oh, on land must be different….. so what would you take when you come on to land?
E: I would definitely take the eye cream for a bit of a glow. It’s rose hip oil and it gives a shimmer. Then just do your cheeks and so these would be my three.

The Essentials?

  1. Eye cream
  2. Contour palette
  3. Brush

S: Is that the same as my hourglass contour kit but in powder form?
E: yep
A: I feel like the brush is a bit too big for your face. You have a very petite face.
E: probably I’m a bit useless with brushes and cleaning them. I don’t really know how to use them properly.


Obviously I am a compact human being. I have mascara, I have a brush. Moisturiser that’s a hand cream, but it goes on every surface… we’re all skin. That’s concealer, a bit of vaso and some bronzer. That’s my life!

S: so you didn’t bring a toothbrush?!
B: I did it today but I’m going home tomorrow so I’ll do it that time.

S: did you bring a brush? Anything to wash your face with?
B: I find that that hand cream works with a bit of water for washing your face.

S: That concealer looks well worn? What’s the brand?
B: I think Maybelline or something.
S: Oh wow it’s a pen I haven’t seen one of those for years.
B: so you pop it under your eyes and just do a little bit of that and you look great!

The Essentials?

  1. Concealer
  2. Hand cream
  3. Vaseline

Anne: It’s amazing. I’m also just amazed that you don’t get spots. You just use soap and a bit of hand creme to wash your face. I bough all that Vichy stuff and you’ve just got one hand cream!

What can you relate to? tell us in the comments!